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We are an international student recruitment and consultancy company with a network consisting of international and domestic partners. Our main objective is to assist our client institutions in finding suitable students for the enrolment stage. We assist potential students with course choices, enrolment procedures and visa matters. Our extensive services and unique business strategies aiming at finding the best possible match for the student’s and the institution’s needs, have helped us to develop a strong market presence. We have expertise in providing educational and career counselling, student admission and visa application guidance. We provide our students with pre- and post-departure services and prepare them for a successful study experience overseas.
We are continuously extending our network of educational agents and associates. Our strong professional ties provide a good platform for our client universities/ colleges to market themselves.
By working with us, educational institutions can make more efficient use of their resources, save time and money on enrolments, and increase their brand presence.
We carry out marketing activities like organising/ participating in education fairs and partnering with local universities/ colleges/ schools and language preparation schools. Our team is engaged in market research and analysis about the different target markets to plan effective marketing strategies which enable us to meet the expectation of both, students and institutions.
The screening of applications is a very important part for us as we want to be sure that the institution’s admission department team receives qualitative and verified applications of eligible students. We want to reduce their workload and enhance the efficiency and faster processing of applications.
We have a unique marketing and promotional strategy for branding and student recruitment. We understand the needs of students and match them with institutions’ requirements by using various kinds of marketing and promotional tools. Our strong network and marketing plan help us to reach a massive pool of potential international students.
Our qualified and well trained counsellors and team members have gained extensive experience and have a remarkable understanding of the industry. Their expertise in counselling and marketing is a big advantage to us and helps us to meet the needs of aspiring students. This, on the other hand, is beneficial to our partner universities and colleges. Keeping ourselves updated with the latest trends and developments helps our experienced and resourceful team members to deliver customised and cost effective outcomes successfully.
We have developed a unique student recruitment strategy and implement this strategy to different target markets, keeping in mind the needs of aspiring students as well as programmes offered by universities/ colleges.
We would like to offer our services to your esteemed organisation and will be happy to become part of your organisation as an affiliated recruitment agency for eligible students.

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