Study Abroad In Austria


Austria, which is officially known as the republic of Austria. It is a beautiful country with borders shared by Germany, Czech republic, Hungary, Slovakia, Slovenia, Italy and Switzerland and Liechtenstein. It is a small country, but there is a world of information on study in Austria that can help students intending to make this country their destination for further studies. Austria is also considered as one of the Mecca of international standard higher education.

Austria is an educational hub. ItS a favorite destination for further education. Austria is home to a number of universities that have produced some of the best in a lot of fields from music to art, A broad spectrum of educational opportunities as also engineering study in Austria are available. These universities form a part of the framework that is known as institutions that impart quality tertiary education.

Austria has 23 public and 11 private universities. There are three Austrian universities in the QS World University Rankings 2014–15 Top 300. The nation-leading university, the University of Vienna is 156th, Vienna University of Technology is 246th, and University Innsbruck is 288th.

Established in 1365, the University of Vienna is Austria oldest and largest university.A dozen or so undergraduate and many more postgraduate courses are taught in English. More are taught in English and German.

In Austria, education cost is low as the government gives many provisions to Austria. The education system in New Zealand offers a unique learning environment.

One of the unique features that are rarely seen in other countries is that Austrian education is unrestricted in access even to stateless people.

Austrian institutions have set examples in many fields of study that have encouraged students to look at worldwide. They also provide many cultural activities, seminars to improve the personality of the student.