Study abroad in Romania


Romania is a country that lies in Central South Eastern Europe and is a semi-presidential republic. The Romanian people are tolerant, extremely hospitable and affable. The Romanian history is old and very rich. It was known in ancient times as Dacia. The capital of Romania is Bucharest and has over 30% of higher educational institutes.

Romanian economy is highly developed and dominated by big industry. It is also a country that has cultural and economic relations with over one hundred and fifty countries in the world. Romania is also known for their excellent programs and academic excellence.

It is a country that has many things to offer to its residents. Studying in Romania is a great way to indulge in the multicultural society of the country. Romanian education can help students gain a brighter future at it is the ideal place to study.

Romania has always been known as the center of excellence in teaching, learning, and practice. Its universities have partnered with many top universities from across the globe in order to provide best study and research opportunities to their students. It is a member of the EU/EEA.

The tuition fee in Romanian universities is very reasonable and is one of the lowest in Europe. The living cost of Romania is the cheapest all over the European Union. Finding a place to stay is extremely easy as room and apartments are available for rent. Accommodation by universities is also provided. 

A degree from Romania is recognized the world over and will help you gain a lucrative job. As practical education is the main focus in Romania, students who pursue higher education here have better employment prospects. 

Romanian education can help you get a bright future and secure an awesome job. Moreover, you will enjoy your stay and take back happy memories with you.