Study abroad in Germany


Germany is a country Officially known as the Federal Republic of Germany. It is the largest and the most populated country on the continent of Europe. And also a most popular country in mainland Europe. In fact, the land mass of Germany included parts of modern day Poland and Lithuania.

The education system in Germany is a right from the early days of schooling with schooling being optional till the age of 6 years. Students are encouraged to drop out of one college and join another, depending on the information about study in Germany regarding the fields of study chosen by them.

One of the most encouraging aspects of education in Germany is the concept of group study and giving and receiving help from their peers. The students can also form groups that can study together right from the start to the end of their courses.

In Germany students can change not only schools but can also go from one college to another if the student finds a different college better than the one that he or she is currently studying.

At present, there are 387 universities situated in Germany. 221 universities teaching applied sciences and 56 institutions teaches art and music. Abroad studying is just not only for studies but also to improve the performance in outer activities.

Germany has a range of subjects that the students can choose to study from literature to music and also sports. A high degree of importance is placed on research as opposed to theoretical studies. Students are encouraged to apply for jobs, even when they are studying which makes them comfortable in the overall working conditions of the German work culture much before they take on their first true job.

Since the education system lays particular importance on research and practical aspects, there is an overall encouragement to innovate and apply for patents more than anywhere else in the world.

The multitudes of questions that many students were regarded overall satisfaction among students, facilities for foreign students, etc. can be addressed to by the Centre for Higher Education Development (CHE).