About Us / Why Us?

How can we assist you and why should you prefer us over any other company offering a similar service?

Our all services are focused on YOU, the learner.

We trust in providing impartial and fair advice that is not excessively influenced by commercial interests. This means that we will not push any student towards a specific choice of institution just for the reason that it may be beneficial to us in some way. It is extremely important to us that the choice of institution and courses offered will meet YOUR needs. We present a wide choice of countries, institutions as well as courses.

This is significant since our students have a very wide range of institutions and courses to choose from. We represent first-class quality and recognized institutions in many countries. We are careful about the institutions that we represent and make sure that they are genuine providers. We have a genuine track record when it comes to student visas.

We present a personalized service from skilled counsellors. All our counsellors are professionally trained to make sure that they provide the most excellent advice to you. They are frequently tested for their knowledge and skills to make sure that they meet the benchmarks set by the Company. We support you all through your application process- from helping you select the best possible institution as well as course to making your application, better advice on managing your finances, visa, and pre-departure services in addition to much more. We present FREE counselling to all students aspiring to study in the United Kingdom (UK), Australia, New Zealand, Switzerland, Singapore, Dubai as well as Ireland. Admissions Guidance for the USA as well as Canada is charged services and training for tests for example GMAT, GRE, SAT, IELTS as well as TOEFL which are accessible in selected locations.

How we are better from others

We also better from others in the aim to build students achieve the best possible score rather than restricting students to the minimum required scores. Our results stand proof to the same GRE, GMAT, SAT tests are most indispensable part of the admission process for a lot of students in USA, UK, Germany , Singapore, be it worldwide/ domestic students. However the universities have a holistic thought in assessing the applications, but they need a quantifiable method to judge the potential of the candidates at identical footings. Further to these tests TOEFL, IELTS, PTE and CAE are fundamentals for students who have English as their Second Language.

We better from others in providing:

Unlimited doubt sessions
Small batch size
Effective study material
Computer aided training
Flexible timings
Complimentary book on admission
Comprehensive library
High success rate

AIECPL provide Educational visa consultancy services that guide with Study & Immigration options to various countries and does not in any way provide or assist in work permit, such guiding for relevant documentation for visa filling, assigning the eligibility criteria for applicant We work with licenses immigration advisors. The decision to issue or refuse a visa is made solely by immigration officers of their respective countries, all applications will be assessed in accordance with immigration visa rules and guidelines. AIECPL has no role or influence over the outcome of an application and will not offer any evaluative advice.

Our Mission:

Education is the building block of human life. It is not just an essential part of your expert life but greatly control your overall personality. Our three fold mission is that of Mentoring the youth of this country to dream, appealing them towards greater hopes and objective and Guiding them on the right track to understand those ambitions. We are with you at every step of the way to make the most excellent options to improve your inherent talents.
Following are mission of our overseas education Consultant:
To clear all the worries and myths of students regarding overseas education through our free counselling services.
To offer up to date, detailed course details of universities in different countries.
To advocate right course for the right candidate, after analyzing their skills, educational and economic background. To help the students in getting student visas successfully by providing efficient and simple solutions. Intentionally we would not give false guidance and recommendation to the students.


Our Vision is for all time to offer most excellent services to the students and assist our students succeeding in their studies and prospect career.